Rugby FAQ

1. What Is Rugby? - A sport that evolved from Soccer and has similarities to Soccer, Football and Basketball.

  • USA Football (Grid Iron) evolved from Rugby, which evolved from Soccer
  • Rugby is similar to Football but does not allow blocking.  There is:
    • Running
    • Passing
    • Tackling
    • Kicking
  • Scoring - Run into goal, Touch ball in goal, Kick thru posts

2.  What Is Different About Rugby from Football? 

  • All players play both offense and defense.
  • Rugby is a Fluid game - there are no downs and game restarts.  (Similar to Basketball).
  • The Ball must be released after a tackle and play restarts with both teams competing for the ball.
  • Passing - ball must be passed laterally or backward.
  • Tackling - tackle only the person with the ball, no blocking.
  • Kicking - kick forward at any time on the field.
  • Equipment - DOES NOT require pads or hard helmet.
    • Only rugby shirt, shorts, boots

3.  What is the injury risk for rugby? 

  • Many people ask about rugby injuries because the sport has little protective equipment, but injuries occur less in rugby than other collision sports
    • Injuries are much less than football and hockey (about 1/3 to 1/2)
    • Similar to wrestling (about equal)
    • More than soccer and basketball (about 1 to 1-1/2)
  • Rugby is a collision sport like football, hockey, and lacrosse
  • Rugby does NOT allow a plastic helmet
    • Helmets in football, hockey, and lacrosse allow players to lead with the head
  • Rugby has less injuries – although this is counterintuitive